Dan Sajkowski and Gavin Roupe Winners at TC Challenge V!

Congratulations to the winners at our latest tourney!  Daniel Sajkowski from Torch Lake won the Open Section, and Gavin Roupe from Mount Pleasant won the Reserve Section at the Traverse City Challenge V held on Saturday, May 16 at the Grand Traverse Mall.  These are Dan’s and Gavin’s first wins at our tournament series and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of them in the future!

Left: Dan Sajkowski deep in thought during Round 2.
Right: Gavin Roupe, winner of the Reserve section.

Complete list of section winners:

Open Section:

  • 1st:  Daniel Sajkowski, 2.5 ($50)
  • 2nd + U1900:  Sam Bridle, 2.0 ($25)
  • 2nd + U1900:  I.C. Matias, 2.0 ($25)

Reserve Section:

  • 1st:  Gavin Roupe, 2.5 ($50)
  • 2nd:  Kyle Yee, 2.0 ($27.50)
  • U1300:  Brady Cramer, 1.5 ($22.50)

We’re taking the summer off, but our next tournament is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 19.  Details on the Tournament tab of our main website, www.cherrychess.com


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