Thank You Players, for a Great First Year!

I just want to take a moment to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the players who have supported our Cherry Chess tournaments.  To many of you, chess isn’t just a game, it’s a passion… and our local chess community wouldn’t be the same without your continued support and love of the game.

In the last 12 months we’ve held 5 tournaments in Traverse City and we’ve seen some great battles over the chessboards at each one.  As a shout out to our most active players, here’s a list of the most active players in the past year.  Special “Iron Man” recognition goes out to Robert Bemben, Alexander Bemben, and Lauren Chapple who have participated in all five of our tournaments!

USCF ID Name Rating Events
12098420  Robert Bemben 1838 5
15030115  Alexander Bemben 1462 5
15414060  Lauren Chapple 766 5
10302994  Greg Bailey 1985 4
12542904  Joseph Revnell 1513 4
12542899  David Tinker 1174 4
10357551  FM David Sprenkle 2248 3
12409276  Daniel Sajkowski 1969 3
14376836  Chris Remsperger 1509 3
12519803  Sam Vorhauer 1378 3
15372044  Jackson Borst 1118 3
15464633  Gary Hughey 896 3

Our next tournament is September 19 and I hope to see all of you there!

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