November Tourney Sees Low Turnout

The Traverse City Challenge VII was held on Saturday, November 21 at the Grand Traverse Mall.  The attendance of only 10 players was unusually low; hopefully we will see many of our regulars back again soon!  Congratulations to our winners:

Open Section:

  • 1st-3rd:  Dan Sajkowski, Greg Bailey, Robert Bemben (2.0, $33 each)

Reserve Section:

  • 1st:  Alexander Bemben (3.0, $50)
  • 2nd:  John Olinik (2.0, $30)
  • Top U1300:  Kendall Chapple (1.5, $20)
Tournament co-champion Greg Bailey.


Here is the Round 1 game between Dan Sajkowski and Robert Bemben.  This interesting miniature shows two knights triumphing over a queen.

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